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Fairway-Relaunch is being surrounded by different tourist attractions and some proposed development activities,the area around is going to see an exceptional real estate growth in coming few yearsas per the popular public preception. The venture also has an easy connectivity to Vijayawada through Suryapet road, giving access to the capital region of neighbouring state.

KOLANUPAKA: The most ancient Jain pilgrim center is located just 20 mn drive away from the place. 1300 year old Svetambara Jain Temple, which bears the eons old Manikyadeva idol, is one its kind. The magnificent idol of Mahavir Jain is just placed beside this age old Manikadeva idol in the Temple. Mythology of Ramayan era speaks about the Manikyadeva idol. Mandodari, the wife of Ravana offered prayers to this black stoned idol in Lanka for sometime as per myth. The place promises the tranqulity and an unexplainable divine bliss. A brief Tonga Ride from the main entrance of the Temple to shrine is a experience to be undergone.

MAHAVIR IDOL: Jain Mahaveer’s idol is represented with Nadi points that speak the depth of tantric power in Human Body. The three major Nadis or energy channels as per ancient Sanskrit Tandric texts are Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. The importance of Ida Pingala, and Sushumna nadis is abundantly represented in tantric texts. The Ida on the left is generally related to the moon that bestows strength to prana or rising vital breath and vitality; the Pingala on the right is linked to sun that grants energy to blood or ovum. Sushumna Nadi starts from the bottom of spine and goes upward centrally with in the vertebral column, the active action of which results in enlightenment and control over seven chakras of human body - Mooladhara, Manipura, Swadhistaana, Anaahatha, Vishudhdha, Agna and Sahasraara Chakras. The modern chinese acupuncture, that has been gaining importance with its treatment on pressure points, is also derived from this ancient Nadi Sastra.

ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM: Koti lingala temple, also an Archelogical Museum, is located just at a distance of 1 KM from the Svethambara Temple. The Museum bears many ancient idols and extracts with dates mentioned, taking the onlookers to the nostalgia of antique times.

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